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When you play with us, you can be sure you're getting top benefits ON TOP of what the Casinos give you! How It Works

$52,000 per Month in Bonuses

Rest assured you will receive the top Deposit, Reload, Loyalty and Jackpot bonuses!Top Casino Bonuses

10,000 CS Points in August Challenges

Every month we pay out bonus CS Points to our Challenge Winners. Track your rankings in real time.View Challenges

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When you play, you'll earn CS Points. Spend your CS Points in our Store on whatever you want! Visit Our Store

The CS Advantage

Casino Rewards Community

Higher Bonuses

over $52,000 per month

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CS Store

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Casino Rewards

CasinoSweep is the only rewards community that pays you rewards on top of the casino bonuses.

We are the world's premier online casino rewards community.

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1. Select a Casino

Play in any of our top online casinos to get top casino benefits PLUS:

• Higher Bonuses (up to $1,000)
• Compete in our Challenges
• Earn CS Points

2. Earn CS Points

When you make a bet at any of our top online casinos you will earn CS Points based on the amount you wager.

There are no limits to how many CS points you can earn.

3. Get Free Stuff

Use your CS Points to purchase items in our store such as cash, trendy electronics or apparel.

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Casino Master Challenge

Players will earn 1 Point for every $10 Bet in any of our online casinos. This is a head-to-head challenge open to all CasinoSweep members! Good Luck!

Current Challenge:

Period: Jan 1st 1970 - Jan 1st 1970       Prize Pool:

Rank Username Points Prize

Are you a High Roller?

If you deposit more than $500 in any of our casinos, we have an offer you can't refuse. Ask us!

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