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At least I'm almost disappointed...

Created by casinoschwede

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Joined: Jul 21 2008

Posted on 20/9/08

No question, I'm not a high-roller or everday-gambler but I'm placing bets for thousands of dollars the time I play, depending how long my deposit lasts. I'm not talking about beeing in the top 20 challengers or beeing rewarded somehow - that's totally out of sight as long as I spend not my whole monthly earnings. Also buying something in the shop, could be possible if I grow 125 years old maybe...!!!

I've joined end of july I think and the 170 CS points I have actually, that`s 1700,- $ and I placed bets for 8000,.- $ in this time.

My Impression is that my deposits and wagering is PEANUTS here at CasinoSweep and there is no benefit for me to see...

If I could earn some freespins for e.g. ok but the amount of my cs-points is worth nothing... let me hit a big jackpot and I promise to give all for winning a challenge, lol!


Good luck everybody, casinoschwede



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Posted on 25/3/09

Yep, it's not about disappointement here, it's worse. The site is very bad and the worse thing is that they're doing nothing to improve it... very disgusting Embarassed

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