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How can I profit from Casino Bonuses?

posted by CS Brad on 10/7/08
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Sticky Bonus

A sticky deposit bonus provides the player with cash that they are allowed to bet with, but not cash out until the bonus has been cleared.  Casinos provide players with this type of bonus to both reward them for joining their site and to give the players extra money to play with. Do not underestimate the value of Sticky Bonuses just because you cannot cash out the bonus money itself. You still have a huge advantage!

The best way to utilize the sticky bonus is through leveraging the betting power that comes through the extra money.  Assume that you deposit $1,000 and receive an extra $500 in sticky bonus money.  You now have $1,500 available immediately in your account to play with.  This gives you a big advantage over the house...

Increased Wager Amounts
Use this added money to increase your originally intended bet size to amplify your projected return on investment.  For example, if you were originally going to play $10 blackjack hands with your $1,000 account, you can increase your play to $15 blackjack hand without increasing the risk against your bankroll.

Cashable Bonus

With a cashable bonus, the player usually receives their extra money over a period of time as they play the casino games and clear their bonus requirements.  A cashable bonus differs from the sticky bonus in that it is available to be withdrawn once it is earned by the player.

The key to exploiting the cashable bonus is through perfect strategic play.  There will be a set amount of money that will need to be wagered to earn the bonus money, so minimizing any potential losses is key.  In order to successfully utilize the cashable bonus, your bankroll needs to be at a level that proves profitable after the bonus is cleared: 

Bonus Money Earned > Wagers Lost

No Deposit Bonuses

Although rare, no deposit bonuses can be a great asset for new online casino players.  A no deposit bonus allows a player to sign up for a new casino and immediately receive money to play with without having to deposit his or her own money.  This type of bonus is a great means to test the waters of an online casino, but not necessarily to earn a lot of money.  The no deposit bonuses are usually of small amount, require a good run, and take a while to clear before cash out is available.

Comp Points

An additional means of earning money from online casinos is through their comp point system and CasinoSweep’s comp point system.  For every dollar that you wager you earn a certain amount of points (subject to each casino, where a comp point system is available), which are usually cashable for prizes or cash.  This type of earning is simple: the more you play, the more you earn.

In a Nutshell...

Online Casino Bonuses can help you boost your bankroll, and they definitely give you the necessary leverage needed to have an advantage over the casinos. The key is understanding the terms of each bonus, and making it work with your playing strategy. Always set your limits and have a plan before you start playing. Try to eliminate the fear and greed emotions as much as possible and make the best mathematical playing decisions, and you will always have the best chance at success.