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Exciting competitions every month to boost your profits.

We created these challenges to reward our most active players. We are putting our money on the line for the sake of competition between all CasinoSweep members!

If you win a Challenge, you're getting TRIPLE REWARDS from CasinoSweep!

Casino Master Challenge

Casino Master Challenge

Players will earn 1 Point for every $10 Bet in any of our online casinos. This is a head-to-head challenge open to all CasinoSweep members! Good Luck!

» Prize Pool: 5,000 CS Points
» Current Period: August 1, 2008 - August 31, 2008

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$100 Casino Sweep Weekly (William Hill)

Casino Master Challenge

Win token entries to the Weekly "$100 Casino Sweep" (private) by completing SIMPLE challenges on William Hill Poker sidegames.

» Prize Pool: $100 per Week
» Current Period: Runs Every Week

Earn up to 6 Entries per Week.


» Wager at least $10 per day, for 4+ days, on ANY side game. Get 1 lottery entry.
» Play 250 spins on any SLOT game. Get 1 lottery entry.
» Wager $50 on any Slot game. Get 1 lottery entry.
» Wager $50 in BLACKJACK. Get 1 entry.
» Wager $50 in ROULETTE. Get 1 entry.
» BONUS ROUND: Complete ALL above challenges. Get 3 entries.

How do I qualify for this promotion?
Complete your favorite challenges on WIlliam Hill Poker casino sidegames section from the table above.

What do I win?
Up to 6 token entries every week to the $100 Casino Sweep

What are the qualifying periods?
Tuesday through Tuesday. Every week.

When will I receive the tokens?
Every Tueesday for the previous week challenges you completed.

Where can I find the $100 Casino Sweep?
Go to Hill's Choice > Private in the William Hill Poker Lobby.

When does the $100 Casino Sweep event take place?
Tuesday's at 20:30 UK

The $1,000 Casino Sweep Freeroll is an ALL-IN 1-hand format event
Players are automatically forced to move all=in each hand until the tournametn is competed. Min entries needed for the evnet to take place are 41 and each player can enter up to 6 times (depends on the challenges completed).

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