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Prestige Casino : Play Now

Follow these simple steps to ensure you are tracked with us at Prestige Casino!

1) Download and Install Prestige Casino Software ...

NOTE: You must download directly from this page to earn CS Points and qualify for our bonuses at Prestige Casino! Failure to do so will cause your new Prestige Casino account to be untrackable by our software and you will not receive any exclusive bonuses.


2) Enter Bonus Code: CSWEEP

When you create a REAL MONEY ACCOUNT, enter the bonus code above to ensure that you are correctly linked to us. This will also ensure you get the highest deposit bonuses and also earn CS Points while you play.

3) Enter Your Account Details

Once you complete the registration process, you will receive your Account Username for Prestige Casino. You need to enter this username below so we can match your casino account with your CasinoSweep account and give you CS Points while you play.

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