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Privacy Policy

Last Updated July 10, 2008 respects the privacy and security of visitors to our site. Accordingly, we have a policy of not sharing information with third parties, and we offer our services completely free of charge and obligation.

We do not require registration for our website and, therefore, do not process credit card or personal details. We do, however, encourage visitors to e-mail the Webmaster with any questions or complaints, and visitors can be assured that e-mail addresses and any other personal information exchanged with the Webmaster will be kept in strict privacy.

We also have another policy which is to keep as simple and easy to use as possible, and we do not accept pop-up advertising or any other form of interference with visitors to our site. It is important to note, however, that cannot be certain of the security policies of all websites linked to our site. Because of this, we cannot claim responsibility for the content of websites other than our own.

Thank you for understanding and please enjoy looking around our site.

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