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Panasonic Plasma TV

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Have the best plasma TV in your neighborhood! Watch sporting events and television programs in great quality!

Price: 50,000 CS Points

Full Description

High definition graphics become accessible to all with Panasonic?s TH-42PZ80B! The TH-42PZ80B brings out the best in your favourite films on its 42-inch viewing surface. It?s entirely Full HD and has a contrast rate of 30000:1, so images will turn out perfectly every time. The TH-42PZ80B also has a triple HDMI connection and two scart sockets, so you can hook up different video devices, or enjoy content stored from your memory card directly on your TV. The TH-42PZ80B is even equipped with a digital tuner, allowing you to watch Freeview channels while adding a touch of style to your home!