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How It Works

CasinoSweep is the only online casino rewards system.

The World's First Online Casino Reward Community

When you join CasinoSweep, you will find yourself swimming in the Top Bonuses from the Top Casinos, earning Points that you can spend in our Store on cool prizes, Competing in Challenges, and learning from our Strategy section.

We're anxious to have you on our team, so SignUp Now! It's 100% Free.

You Pick Where You Play

We give you over 20 of the Top Online Casinos to choose from. You will have a huge advantage because you will see detailed bonus reports and we will tell you exactly how to take advantage of them. Every game you play, no matter which casino you're playing, you will be earning our Rewards and climbing the Challenge Leaderboards.

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Climb the Challenge Leaderboards in Real Time

We have Challenges every month that allow you to win extra CS Points, Cash and Prizes just by playing. Each Challenge will have a Leaderboard and you will compete with all other CasinoSweep members. As you play in our Casinos, you will earn Points for the Challenge and you will see yourself move up in down. See the following example...

Casino Master Challenge - 10,000 CS Points
Every $10 in wagers you make, you will earn 1 Point. Play as much as you can, because your ranking will depend on how many Points you have. At the end of the month, we're paying out 10,000 CS Points to the top 20 winners on the leaderboard.

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The Official CasinoSweep Currency

When you're a CasinoSweep player, you will be earning CS Points for every game you play on any of our Top Online Casinos. These Points are very important because, like real money, you will obtain status with them and, more importantly, you can spend your Points in in our Store!

In the Store, you will see we have everything for sale: Cash Bonuses, iPods, Apparel, Cell Phones and more. Think of our Store as your personal rewards program where you get to buy items for free, just for playing with us!

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Play With CasinoSweep! Here's Why...

To put it simply, you have a huge advantage on beating the casinos if you are playing with CasinoSweep. We give you all the following benefits designed to put more cash in your pockets:
  • Higher First Deposit Bonuses
    Online Casinos off our members private First Deposit Bonuses that are higher than the other offers out there. We guarantee you the top first deposit bonuses in the industry!
  • Higher Reload Bonuses
    Our long standing connections with our casino partners allow you access to the top reload bonuses online.
  • Challenges Every Month
    Win CS Points, Cash and Prizes when you compete against other CasinoSweep members in our Challenges we hold every month. All you have to do is play on our Top Casinos and you will automatically be climbing the Leaderboards for extra Points, Cash and Prizes.
  • Earn Points While You Play
    Every game you play, you will be earning Points which are valuable for a few reasons. Not only will you obtain status and boost your Challenge rankings, but more importantly you will be able to reward yourself in our Store where you can buy whatever prizes you want!
  • CasinoSweep Store
    As you play our top casinos, you'll earn Points. Spend your Points on whatever you want in our Store. We've got Cash Bonuses, iPods, Apparel and more!
  • Strategy Guides
    We will teach you how to play any game you want to learn, and we'll teach you how to play it perfectly, according to the odds. This is very valuable, so you can always be sure to give yourself the best advantage to beat the house!
  • Casino Forums
    Take your game to the next level. Learn winning techniques from seasoned professionals! Visit our Forums and become a contributing member.
  • Bonus Finder Access
    Want to search for the top bonuses the industry has to offer? Use our exclusive Bonus Finder to seek out the money and get a precise review on the true value of all bonuses available. We'll tell you the Bonus Amount, how difficult it is to clear the bonus, and how the bonus ranks against all the other bonuses out there.
  • Casino Blacklist Access
    We take your bankroll very seriously, and security is important. We will tell you where NOT to play based on thousands of reports in our database. It's very important that you review this blacklist before you play any casinos that is not listed in our Top Casinos so you can be sure you're not getting into trouble.

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