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Casino Bonuses Explained

posted by CS Brad on 14/6/08
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Let's face it - free bonus money from online casinos make the game more enjoyable, and when used correctly can boost our bankrolls quite nicely! Still, it is very important to realize that the casinos are using these bonuses to tempt you to play with them, and they do it for a reason...they want your money! A proper education is a must if you want to give yourself the chance at big bonus profits.

The Pros and Cons

Casino Bonuses can help you build your bankroll in serious fashion. There are obviously many benefits to having "free money." However, there are also some disadvantages to receiving a bonus, and they will deplete your bankroll if you are not aware of them. Take the time to understand the Pros and Cons mentioned below to give yourself the best probability of success.


Higher Betting Leverage
Sticky Bonuses will give you more betting leverage. When used properly, these bonuses will boost your winnings while your risk remains the same fixed amount. In other words, the most you can ever lose is your deposit amount. The most you can win is much higher, though, when you use your Sticky Bonus when playing.

Boost your Bankroll
Anytime extra cash is added to your account, you have an advantage of boosting your bankroll. The key is making the bonus last so your bankroll remains higher while you clear the bonus and/or any profits you have won.

New Casinos = New Promotions
Almost all Bonuses are aimed to get you to try new software. As your experiences broaden, you will learn what you like and will be a more versatile player. In addition, you will receive notifications about new promotions that can be to your advantage.

Loyalty Rewards
Bonuses do not stop after your first deposit. Most casinos will reward you with lucrative bonuses as you continue to make future deposits. These bonuses are known as Reload Bonuses and can boost your bankroll nicely.


Online casinos must protect themselves from fraud, and they cannot afford to pay "free money" to players that are trying to take advantage of bonuses. They offer bonuses to reward real players that have a true interest in playing. Therefore, most Casino Bonuses have restrictions. In most cases, online casinos will set a "wager requirement" that must be met before you can withdrawal your bonus and/or winnings. These restrictions are always written clearly in the Terms and Conditions of a bonus and it's wise for you to read and understand them before accepting the bonus.

Losing Money to Fulfil Your Bonus Requirements
Casinos have a way to offer big bonuses to convince you to deposit more and more. Don't fall for the trap if your only goal is to clear your Bonus. Doing this may result in you losing more while playing than you could ever stand to gain from the bonus in the first place. Set your limits beforehand and follow them. You'll be better off in the long run.

Different Types of Bonuses

Sticky Bonuses are credited to your account immediately after you deposit. It is very important to note that these bonuses may be used for wagering purposes only. In other words, you can bet with these funds to increase your winnings, but you cannot withdrawal this bonus at anytime. When used correctly, Sticky Bonuses will allow you to boost your leverage to win more without risking more than your initial deposit amount.

Probably the most popular type of Bonus offered by online casinos, Cashable Bonuses are earned as you play by meeting certain wagering requirements. The best thing about Cashable Bonuses is that you may withdrawal the bonus amount once you meet the wager requirement. A typical Cashable Bonus might offer you 100% Match up to $100 with a wager requirement of 25 times the deposit. So, if you deposit $100, you will be required to wager $2,500. Once you do this, your $100 Bonus will be credited to your account and you can cash it out!

No Deposit Bonuses are tough to come by these days, and are generally very small compared to the other types of bonuses. They are good if you want to try a new casino without making a deposit, but will not really give you much of an advantage if you're trying to boost your bankroll.

Some online casinos will reward you with Comp Points as you play. Comp Points can then be exchanged for cash or prizes when you accumulate enough. The best thing about CasinoSweep is that we will give you CS Points on TOP of whatever the casinos give you, giving you DOUBLE the Comp Points.

In a Nutshell...

When used properly, Casino Bonuses can be a great benefit to playing online if your goal is to boost your bankroll. It may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but once you understand the four primary types of bonuses, you will be able to recognize the difference between them very easily. will give you all the tools to show you the best bonuses at any given time, and we will categorize them for you. All you need to do is determine your betting strategy depending on the bonus type to boost your bankroll to new levels!